Growing in Faith: Lessons from Joseph

Sermon by Mutanu Lowery

Texts: Gen. 45:1-11, Gen. 50:18-25; Heb. 11:22

Lesson #1 Be faithful to what you already know about God – Joseph was a faithful, honest man of integrity throughout his time in Egypt, from serving Potiphar to prison life and beyond.

Lesson #2 Pray for God to help you see how he is at work – Joseph was able to trust and see how God had planned to send him to Egypt. We need to ask God to enable us to see him at work in our circumstances.

Lesson #3 Feed your faith – remind yourself of God’s past faithfulness, and it will strengthen your faith as you wait to see what he will do in the present and future.


#1 Mark 9:23-24 Jesus has been asked to free a boy from demon oppression, if he is able. He responds by saying that everything is possible to those who believe. So the boy’s father replies, “I do believe; help my unbelief.” Don’t give up, if you are struggling or sometimes doubt; faith and doubt can exist at the same time.

#2 God knows our faith begins small and must grow – but even faith the size of the mustard seed is powerful! Faith grows and matures. So begin with where you are: pray for God to increase your faith. Then, think of one prayer of yours that God has answered. Reflect on a way you have seen God at work. And as you think about those things, they will encourage your faith. Then when you face a challenge, your faith will have grown, just like muscles grow in strength and ability when exercised.

Remember, the good news of the gospel is that God saves not those who are worthy and good – because that is none of us – but those who admit their need for the help only he can give! God does not save us after we have proved our worth or holiness; no, he saves us and makes us holy. He delights in us, and wants us to cling to him and his promises. And when we do, we will learn that he never fails us! 2 Timothy 2:13: “if we are faithless, he [God] remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.”